viernes, 14 de julio de 2017

Ancient Greece

1. Answer the questions below.
Which were the three pre-Hellenic civilisations? Explain where they lived.
What was Hellas? Which territories did Hellas consist of?
Who were the Hellenes?
Which are the three periods of Ancient Greece’s history? Explain the most important feature of each period.
Which were the most important economic activities in Ancient Greece?
What were poleis? Name the two most important ones.
In which era was democracy established in Greece?
Who did the interior of Anatolian Peninsula belong to?
In which century did Rome conquer Greece?
2. Define the concepts below.
3. Explain why Greeks had to colonise territories. List some of the Greek colonies in the Mediterranean.
4. Briefly explain the differences between the democratic system of Athens and present-day democracies.
5. Describe the conquests carried out by Alexander the Great.

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